A Seed Planted

A Seed Planted | Journal | Holbrook Forest Garden

When I was a little girl I loved to play in my cubby house, an old wooden shipping crate covered in a heavy scented old fashioned grapevine. This is where I planted my first garden of wildflowers that grew up through the broken concrete path that led down through our rambling hillside garden. I was really lucky to grow up in a magical garden which allowed me to explore and dream. I remember my brothers had a treehouse which was converted into a hutch for my rabbit ‘Bright Eyes’. At the top of the garden was a swing attached to a large willow tree that swooped down over the terraces of our jungle. Down the bottom of the garden was a huge orange tree laden with sweet juicy oranges that had millions of pips.

This garden blended chaos and structure so beautifully and I guess that has influenced how I garden today.

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