City Girl, Country Girl

Both my husband and I love gardening. I have the vision and Rupert does most of the hard grafting. In the past, Rupert’s been the landscaper and vegetable grower and I plant fruit trees and grow the flowers and berries. I have a bad habit of shifting the trees each winter to fit my new vision.

City Girl, Country Girl | Journal | Holbrook Forest Garden

We kept outgrowing our sections in the city, I’d get bored and would start looking for a new project. One day I went open homing in the Wairarapa. The following weekend we put an offer on a house and quarter-acre section in Carterton. We got busy planting fruit trees and building veggie beds. I established a pretty cottage garden out the front of the villa, I learnt a lot about overplanting in this garden. After five years on this quarter acre section, I was ready for a new challenge.

City Girl, Country Girl | Journal | Holbrook Forest Garden

We saw an advertisement for a large woolshed, run down 1890’s cottage and 6.5 acres on the rural town border of Carterton, this got me dreaming…

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