About Us

Nature inspires me to slow down and find joy in the simple moments. It constantly amazes me with its natural ability to grow, nurture and heal.

Holbrook Forest Garden

With the breathtaking backdrop of the Tararua mountains, Holbrook Forest Garden is a 6.5 acre establishing, organic Food Forest, kitchen garden, a seasonal heirloom cutting flower farm and home to the Holbrook family, Rupert, Heidi, Maya, Lola and Leo (Pirate the dog, Circus and Koko the cats and a flock of chickens) in the beautiful Wairarapa valley.
Establishing Holbrook Forest Garden is a thirty year vision. My dream is to create a garden of awe-inspiring beauty, a jungle with meandering paths, ornate doors leading to secret spaces with an abundance of wildlife, edibles to nourish, medicinal plants to heal and flowers to bring joy. A garden for future generations to explore.
We look forward to taking you on this journey with us….