Holbrook Forest Garden Guided Walk

from $12.00 - $29.00

Open October - March

Learn about growing organic food, flowers and herbs in healthy soil. Take a guided walk through our Food Forest Garden and hear about how to start your own, no matter what size section you live on. Explore how companion planting supports pest control and attracts beneficial insects to live in your garden.

We’ll check out the potager, food forest, chooks, flower field, greenhouses and herb garden.

Come see our garden through the seasons.

A guided tour takes about an hour.

Visit Price

  • 16-30 people - $12 per head
  • For less than 15 people  -$17 per head

Enjoy a nourishing morning or afternoon tea

  • Enjoy fresh wholefood home baking for morning or afternoon tea.
  • Tea, coffee, herbal teas or homemade cordial.
  • Price: $12 per head